About Us

In 2010, Pure Healthy Eatery was born, thinking of you.

Our principal goal, in which we dedicate all our effort every day, is to be a place that not only sells food and drinks, but experiences, feelings, health and good flavors.

We seek to contribute to a healthy environment. Not only in the nutrition part, where we seek to align the global trend of eating in a more conscious and healthy way, but also on the human side, creating a warm and familiar place with a respectful, and friendly care.

Pure Heatlthy Eatery is a place where food is made from scratch, at the very moment, and with excellent quality products.

For us, eating well is something special, starting from the respectful treatment of our raw material, loving how we prepare our products, to the atmosphere generated at our store, where you are the main ingredient.

For all these, we say at Pure Healthy Eatery that we sell health not juices, delights not salads, experiences not sandwiches.

We created together with you, a community, the Pure community, and every day, we put all our effort to make it through it, that people like you have a harmonious space in which develop a healthier, conscious, and relaxed living style.


Thanks to you and this community is that we exist and we seek to continue to grow. We are very proud having you as an essential part of Pure Healthy Eatery and we will always give you the warmest of the welcomes.

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